Simply Symphony Visual Editor uses Progressive Enhancements, to create a hybrid technology that allows mobile pages to maintain the design layout without pushing elements down the screen. The builder uses a 3D design for layout, allowing the stacking and overlay of objects in absolute positioning. Simply Symphony is a Adaptive Page Serving Editor and provides separate layouts for mobile devices and desktop page versions, when a user visits your site, Simply Symphony selects either the mobile or full version and Adapts to fit the users device screen size. The page then becomes Responsive and scales to fit the users device. This is much better then responsive because you are free from the linear grid required by the responsive page layout, your page will look the way you designed it to look, without content squeezing down the page. 

Adaptive Responsive Editor & Page Server : “Better” & “Only” Adaptive Editor For WordPress! Better then just Responsive, you have seperate layouts for mobile and desktop version of your page, Simply Symphony then serves the best page layout for the users device and objects are scaled in size to fit the device size, this allows the look to remain the same on all devices and you can fully design your web page.

10 points of Movement : “Faster” & “Only” editor with 10 points of movement for WordPress, All objects can move and resize at 4 corners and 4 middle points, and 2 special global handles allowing for fast movement and sizing of objects.

  Flux Live!

Flux Live! Fluid HTML 5 Editor Symphony Page Builder & Adaptive Page Server.

Full fluid motion drag and drop editor for WordPress.

Why you should use Flux Live! 

Web Designers : What is missing from Responsvie layout found in every other design program and page layout?

Layers are missing, they were left out of the linear grid due to Incompatibility with Responsive layout along with the use of XYZ chords for absolute positioning. Flux Live came out with new responsive solution, Adaptive Flux & Zoom Web Design. Adaptive Flux allows your page to use layers, XYZ chords, be mobile friendly and mantain a design layout accross all devices. The flux model is the exact mirror image of the Fluid Grid Model and uses absolute units of pixels and points and is much easier to work with, CSS Media Queries are used to maintain the fluidity of your page, this concept also works within responsive templates.. 

Do it yourselfer : What do you need ? We are wordpress experts, we may not know the answer to every question but many we do. Be clear in explaning your problem and we can give advice, save hours even days you might spend on boards looking for a answer, we dedicate and set aside 1 hour a day to help with questions about how to build web page, and guide you in the rigth direction. Tell us what you need in our editor and we will if possible add the options.
Our editor is a fluid motion editor, a simple click and move objects anywhere on the page, desktop web page designer, there are currently only two of these types  of editors that have been developed to build web pages. You do not want to use this editor for a blog, but if you want to design your own web page, this is the right editor. 

Simply Symphony!